We Take Fundraising to the
Next Generation!

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Your Organization Can Raise $5,000…$25,000…$50,000 or More FAST!

Simple Steps to Success!


Your Fan Club Member Center

Organization RECEIVES

  • Self Creating Member List
  • FREE Fan Club Website (You can customize)
  • Communication Center
  • Raffle Manager
  • A Store that creates more Donations!


  • Impacts Cash Back Shopping
  • News and Event Notifications
  • Discounts, Deals and Offers
  • Local & National Merchants that Benefit the Organization!
  • Entry into Raffles and Prize Drawings
  • Social Media Organizer
  • So Much More!
(Coming 2016!)


Every purchase made through the Fan Club Website provides an additional donation back to the organization to create a powerful perpetual giving platform.

We like to say it this way :
" Spend the money you already spend, on the things you already spend it on. But now you can make an IMPACT! "

Incredible Discount Dining deals for thousands of restaurants across the country.

Certificates never expire and up to half of the proceeds are donated back to the organization!

With over 4,000 national retail partners, your members can shop for their favorite brands from the stores they buy from every day, but now earn cash back on every purchase!

Plus, your organization receives a matching donation of up to 10% of the cash back every time.

Inside the Impacts Store members will find exclusive deals on a variety of products that also provide maximum donations back to your organization!

Coin Packages Available

  • Gold

    1000 Coins

    Your Profit


    if sold for $20/coin
  • Silver

    500 Coins

    Your Profit


    if sold for $20/coin
  • Bronze

    250 Coins

    Your Profit


    if sold for $20/coin
2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
Your Profit Your Profit Your Profit Your Profit
$26,500 $40,500 $55,000 $70,000

Each Package Includes:

  • Your Pre-Sell Ticket System
  • Coins with your logo and information
  • Personalized program website
  • Email and Text* capability to participants from website (*added fee for texting)
  • Fundraiser Coin brochure and Instruction sheet "Steps to Success"
  • Private members only community
  • Donor Database
*Based on a $7.00 cost per coin and assuming a $20.00 resale.

Get Started Right Away!

Our Pre-Sell Ticket System!

Your Fast Track To Coins Sales!

  • This no-risk easy system allows you to raise the money you need for the purchase of your selected Fundraiser Coin Package!
  • Created with a full color picture of your custom coin and a detailed explanation of all the benefits received by your supporters.
  • And best of all, it's included for FREE with every Fundraiser Coin Package!
  • This is an effective way for us to lessen the initial cost burden for all organizations and an exciting way to make a greater IMPACT!

(Click Here for a PDF example of our Pre-Sell Ticket System)

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Choose Your Package

Package Price Per Coin Your Profit Quick Start Deposit Pre-Sell Tickets Included Balance Due After Deposit
$7.00/coin $3,250.00 $250 Deposit 250 $1,500.00
$7.00/coin $6,500.00 $300 Deposit 500 $3,200.00
$7.00/coin $13,000.00 $350 Deposit 1000 $6,650.00
$0.00/coin $0.00 $0 Deposit 0 $0.00